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All facets of medicine for Dr. Mark Dekutoski

January 15, 2017
Dr. Mark Dekutoski hasn’t spent his 20-plus years in medicine simply completing the surgery at hand then returning home for the night. Rather, he has engrossed himself within his job and the plethora of facets that it includes.

Since beginning his career in 1993 -- after acquiring his B.A., MD, and years of training through an internship, residency and two fellowships -- Dekutoski has worked year after year toward new endeavors beyond his specialty of orthopedic surgery. Although that has long remained his niche and focus, including increasingly challenging roles within it, he has taken on new tasks. His two decades of work with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota included surgical work as well as teaching others as a professor with the clinic’s College of Medicine, consultant appointments within other divisions toward their surgical expertises and various training sessions both conducted and attended, even at an administrative level. He has worked alongside others and alone toward research within medicine, publishing more than 60 peer-reviewed articles throughout his career. Additionally, he has and continues to serve on multiple boards and committees as well as as editor, associate editor, reviewer and collaborator for numerous industry publications. His mentorship has also aided many new surgeons within the field.

Dr. Mark Dekutoski is well-known and renowned for his surgical work, but for this accomplished surgeon, the day has never ended when the instruments were put down and the scrubs were taken off.
Mark Dekutoski has already served as Chairman of the Mayo Clinic Medical School Orthopedic curriculum and Chair of the Scoliosis Research Society and AOSpine North America Educational committees. These positions allowed him to help with decision making processes in his desired field and by lending his time to these causes he is able to help shape his field.